In accordance with Rob Breaux's Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct policies, Rob Breaux has issued a public reprimand of the Big 12 Conference and its commissioner.

Nothing can be done about them except for this moderate-to-strongly worded reprimand. The actions have been taken in response to the reaction to the comments during Saturday’s football game broadcast against Iowa State, and for having no idea that Oklahoma and Texas were planning to leave for the SEC.

"I understand the roles of the conference and its commissioner," commented Rob Breaux of The Rob Breaux Sheaux. "However as Big 12 representatives they also have an obligation to stick up for the schools that make up the conference, its student-athletes, and its personnel. The calls made by the Big 12 officials in many games this season were contrary to expected levels of respect and professionalism. Questioning the integrity of the Texas Tech broadcast booth without having any regard to the accountability of the officiating crew is well beyond appropriate and permissible behavior."

Attached are some examples of further reactions from the Texas Tech fanbase in regards to the Big 12 commissioner and the conference office:

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