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A TikToker who goes by the handle @zaezae1098 shared a video that reveals the truth behind how everyone's favorite limited time-only McDonald's sandwich, the McRib, is made.

I always sort of wondered how they managed to get sauce all over the entire box, and now I know.

That bad boy is drowning in sauce.

Alright, alright. I'm a bit conflicted. I knew it was bad. I mean, it's McDonald's. I'm just not sure if I want one more or less now that I know exactly how it's prepared. That sauce dunk has my head spinning.

I don't think this video is going to stop anyone from knocking back a couple of McRibs after a night on the town, but you might be a less disgusting person than me. Admitting you go to McDonald's at all is almost a sin, and I think most of us prefer to eat our restructured-boneless-pork patty of shame in solitude while listening to Depeche Mode and staring out of the window on a lonely car ride home from the grocery store after buying far too many Little Debbie cakes for a person with no kids to pack lunch for. The worst is arriving at your destination and realizing that the BBQ sauce story on your t-shirt is a dead giveaway.

You're sad. You need therapy. It's okay. So am I.

What do you think about it? Comment below just how much you love or hate the McRib and whether or not this video has turned you off or turned you on.

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