Who doesn't love some good free stuff? I know I do. I once furnished an entire apartment with free stuff from Craigslist. My friend came over to visit and I was like, 'Dude! Everything in here was free!' And she was like, 'um...yeah...I can tell...'

Not exactly the reaction I was looking for, but who cares. I'm always stoked to get some free s**t.

I took a peek at Lubbock's Craigslist page to see what you could get for free in Lubbock lately. Things range from extra bizarre to totally cool. Here are my findings.

10 Free Things On Craigslist That Are Totally Lubbock


The Most Expensive Airbnb for Rent in Lubbock, Texas

This is the most expensive Airbnb for rent in Lubbock, Texas. It will run you nearly $1,000 per night for up to 16 guests. It's a 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath barn-house with an indoor pool.
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