There's always a great halftime show at Texas Tech men's basketball games, but one of the best I've seen yet is Rong Niu, AKA Red Panda.

I thought a lot of people knew about her, but apparently it's only if you're a basketball lover. Niu has been to a couple of NBA and college games I've been to.

She not only rides around on a huge custom unicycle, which is impressive enough, but she also flips white metal bowls on her head with her feet. In the video below you can see she stacks them up on her foot and flips them on her head. It's something you have to see to believe.

Red Panda is so impressive and she's always perfect every time. It's so crazy.

According to Sports Illustrated, Red Panda's act comes from a traditional Chinese acrobat act. She started practicing at the age of seven and it took off from there. By 1994, she had appeared at more than 40 NBA games. She even appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2013. Today, she's around 50 years old and is still killing it.

Niu shows up to the arena 90 minutes before tipoff and it takes her around 30 minutes just to assemble her custom unicycle, according to Sports Illustrated. After that's all done, she stretches for 20 minutes and does her own hair and makeup. She makes around $2,500 to $3,000 per five-minute performance. She says she has no intention of retiring soon and loves to keep getting better.

Thank you Red Panda for coming to Lubbock and putting on a perfect show for us.

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