On Mahomes' weekly appearance on 610 Sports Radio's The Drive, the former Red Raider quarterback was asked about his plans for Thanksgiving. Mahomes said he'd take the CDC's COVID-19 protocols seriously and have Thanksgiving lunch with his fiancee Brittany Matthews and brother Jackson Mahomes.

You can listen to the interview below. The Thanksgiving portion of the interview can be heard below. There's also a crazy story about Travis Kelce betting on 24 in roulette in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Because it had to do with food and Mahomes has an affinity for a certain condiment, the conversation quickly turned to his one true love: ketchup. The hosts were incredulous when Mahomes said he'd smother not only his ham, but also his Turkey in his favorite red magic elixir, saying, "You gotta put ketchup on that. Turkey and ham."

Now, there's not a meal in the history of the world that gets more scrutiny than Thanksgiving dinner. I really don't understand it. Eat whatever you want; who am I to get mad at what's on your plate. I'm too busy enjoying my own food.

Twitter, however, seems to be more worried about Mahomes using ketchup on his turkey.

The bottom line here is that turkey is inherently dry. Regardless of how it's cooked, turkey is dry. You can tell me I'm not cooking it right. I'll counter that turkey just isn't that good. Do you know what is good? Ketchup. I'll be using it on my smoked turkey for thanksgiving while I watch my Dallas Cowboys beat up on The Washington Football team.

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