Beer is a huge part of the NFL. That's undeniable. From the iconic Super Bowl ads to shotgunning beers at the tailgate to purchasing $12 tall boys at the stadium, it's everywhere. The NFL hasn't always loved the idea of players being in beer ads or being associated individually with brands, but in 2015 that started to change.

Then, in 2017 and 2019, the rules got even more lax, with teams and players being used on packaging and players being featured in commercials. Still, players can't use the product or say they drink the beer in ads.

It might seem like an arbitrary line the NFL has drawn to make money while avoiding culpability for perpetuating the beer drinking at NFL events, but rules are rules. But that doesn't stop brands from getting famous NFL players to craftily promote their beers.

That brings us to Patrick Mahomes. If you notice the Mahomes' golf photo at the top of this story, you can see the Coors Light logo on his right sleeve. Mahomes was spotted drinking Coors Light at The Match with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. In fact, if Mahomes is spotted with a beer in his hand at any event, it's probably a Coors Light.

They've been partnered for several years, but this summer they've taken their partnership a step further with an actual commercial.

The catch here is that while indirect marketing is allowed, active NFL players are still not allowed to drink in a sponsored advertisement. That's why Mahomes and Coors Light got creative.

Mahomes also used the opportunity to make some money for his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation by selling actual Coors flash lights like in the commercial. They sold out quickly, with all proceeds going to a good cause.

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