Patrick Mahomes is an awkward model.

I think they actually call it a "Brand Ambassador" which does sound cooler than your starting NFL quarterback being a model. Mahomes was signed by Adidas heading into the NFL draft last season and reps the brand for a living. Though, from the looks of this video, Mahomes has a ways to go before he's comfortable in front of a camera.

The first scene in the video was straight Ricky Bobby.

Image result for i don't know what to do with my hands gif

I love Patrick Mahomes, he's my boy, but dang if that whole video isn't awkward to watch. It's a good thing he's so good at playing quarterback or I don't think he'd be getting signed to too many brand ambassadorships.

He's basically Shy Ronnie.

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On camera off the field:

Image result for patrick mahomes gif

On camera on the field:

Image result for patrick mahomes gif chiefs

Despite his current level of expertise off the field, you might want to sign him now because after he starts some NFL games next season he'll be a much hotter commodity.

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