For better or for worse, Brittany Matthews is forever tied to Patrick Mahomes. As his fiancée, that will be even more true when they get married. There's been story after story written about Matthews and her future brother-in-law Jackson Mahomes in the last two seasons as the pair has become, in many ways, the ultimate anti-Patrick.

Mahomes is always humble, while Matthews and Jackson are always arrogant. Their online personas feed into the hate that they receive on social media, and it's amplified because Patrick Mahomes is the face of the NFL. Do they deserve the constant backlash they receive? Probably not. But generally, all of the social media backlash they get is self-inflicted.

The most recent blow-up involving Matthews happened after the incredible comeback victory by Mahomes and the Chiefs. After the game, Matthews popped a bottle of champagne out the window of her suite onto a crowd of Chiefs fans.

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When the story of the champagne was *ahem* uncorked Sunday night, I thought to myself, "Self, this really is getting ridiculous. It's just champagne. I bet there were 1,000 beers thrown into the air around the stadium when Butker hit the field goal to take the team to overtime." I held that opinion for about 24 hours. Then, Brittany Matthews responded to the bubbly controversy by saying, "I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week."

It's not the champagne. It really isn't. That's not why people dislike Brittany and Jackson. It's the arrogant and entitled attitudes they carry around Patrick Mahomes. It's almost as if Brittany and Jackson think they are, in fact, Patrick Mahomes. The same guy who said 'pardon my language' on national TV because he said Travis Kelce played his ass off.

Mahomes understands his reach and the magnitude of what he's been burdened with as a public figure. Matthews continually comes off as clueless to the same expectation.

Yes, Brittany Matthews gets absolutely bodied for everything she posts on social media. Do you know how she can stop that? Stop posting stupid stuff on social media. It really is that easy. Be a fan. Support your husband. Own a business. Run a soccer team. Be a mom. Don't act like an entitled brat. This isn't me just saying "know your role" because you're a woman. I promise.

Matthews is a successful, strong human being who has created an empire and was successful before Mahomes transcended to the pop culture and sports worlds. Matthews really doesn't need the attention of social media to be successful. Jackson Mahomes? Different story. But the future Mrs. Patrick Mahomes has ventures she can pursue outside of claiming to be a victim because people don't like her personality.

It's hard to be famous, but only Matthews can control how she's perceived nationally.

If she and Jackson continue to be abrasive and in your face around every great thing that Patrick Mahomes does on the field, then 31 NFL fanbases will continue to hate them. That's how sports work. It's part of the territory. Every time Patrick Mahomes is mentioned on social media, there's a flood of 'MaFraud' comments. Under every post. It's ridiculous and unwarranted, but have you ever seen him complain about it? No.

Instead of calling out local businesses on social media, the pair should look for every opportunity to build up local businesses. It won't be a quick process. The outrage to the champagne incident wasn't about the champagne. It was about the perception of Matthews being above the fans and raining on them from her perch above Chiefs Kingdom.

A little bit of humility goes a long way.

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