I say this all the time, but is there anything Patrick Mahomes can't do? He's the best quarterback in the NFL, he had the opportunity to play college baseball, and now is a minority owner of an MLB team. We've seen him play basketball so well, his Kansas City Chiefs general manager banned him from ever playing again.

He's got a beautiful fiance and a precious baby girl.

He can also stripe the ball down the pipe 350 yards and make it look easy.

In all seriousness, if Patrick Mahomes wanted to, he could have been a professional baseball player. Despite his Red Raider ERA, he had the chops as a pitcher and was drafted out of high school by the Detroit Tigers but wanted to give football a shot first.

That worked out well, by the way.

I wonder what other sports he could have played. Could he have been a professional golfer if he'd picked it up as a kid? Would we alternately have had Mahomes winning a three-point contest at the NBA all-star game if his dad had played in the NBA instead of the MLB? Probably not, but Mahomes incredible NFL run three years in as a starter had been amazing.

It's crazy to think what he'll accomplish with the Chiefs over the next 10 years.

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