The release of Madden 20 is just one week away, and there's already been some leaked footage of the game. If you're hoping to make the same throws that Patrick Mahomes makes during a game, then you will be through the roof.

If this video is any indication of what it will be like playing with Mahomes, any offense with him at the helm will be unstoppable.

How is this fair? This is the type of play that a created player who has all of the stats completely maxed out makes.

This also makes me dread having to play my best friend in Madden 20 because all he does is pick the fastest quarterback and run Hail Mary plays the entire game. (Shout out, Cpl. Cervera.)

I know Mahomes isn't the fastest quarterback in the game, but if you can make throws like this in the game, there's no point in even having a pass rush. Just drop everyone on defense into coverage and pray.

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