B.J. Symons was in Lubbock at Texas Tech from 1999 through the 2003 football season. In 1999, Symons was red shirted, then backed up some guy named Kliff Kingsbury from 2000 to 2002.

But 2003 was Symons' time to shine, and shine he did.

To call Symons' senior campaign prolific would be an understatement. Symons threw for a record breaking 5,833 yards and notched 52 touchdowns. He still holds the record for most yards in a season. He topped 500 yards thrown four times, including a 661-yard game against Mississippi.

Half of his record-breaking season was done on a torn ACL after Symons blew out his knee celebrating a touchdown against Iowa State.

Symons is now back on the radar after reuniting with his former coach this weekend.

The one, the only Mike Leach.

That caption leaves nothing to the imagination. Symons wants Mike Leach back at the helm of the Red Raider ship. The real question is, do you?

Mike Leach left in a firestorm of controversy after the 2009 season. Do you think the two sides could ever come back together?


Symons has clarified his original tweet.


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