Does Gary Busey's name send shivers of fear down your spine? Oklahoma State may be hoping Busey will make the Texas Tech offense fold like a sheet of paper. How, you ask? By flashing his face on their brand new 50' by 100' video board while the Red Raiders are driving into the end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium.

Busey, an Oklahoma State alumnus, is a striking figure, but I don't know that he's the man I'd want leading my men into battle. Also, Busey is a bit of a cult hero here in Lubbock after he played Buddy Holly in a movie about Buddy Holly.

After looking through an alumni list that features names like Garth Brooks, James Marsden and Doug Gottlieb, maybe OSU did make the right decision if they were looking for someone in the entertainment atmosphere. But there are far more menacing names for them to use here, like Heavyweight and Lightweight UFC Champion -- and former Poke -- Daniel Cormier.

Retired UFC guy Randy Couture is also an alumnus. I hear Dez Bryant is looking for a job. Marcus Smart is a tough SOB. Maybe he's a better option? If Robin Ventura hadn't been head-locked by Nolan Ryan, he might have some tough guy credibility.

Maybe by flashing Brandon Weeden's face on the board, Texas Tech's QB would just forget how to play?

Kliff Kingsbury was asked by 1340 The Fan on Tuesday if he was scared of Gary Busey or thought his giant visage on the screen would negatively impact True Freshman QB Alan Bowman. His response was epic.

"I'd like to spend one evening with Gary Busey, that's about it," Kingsbury said. "Just to pick his brain on some life questions." I'm taking this as a no, Kliff Kingsbury is not intimidated by Gary Busey. But he is impressed enough by him to want life advice.

Kingsbury was also impressed with the photo of Busey on the video board.

"It looks wild, there's no doubt. I saw the picture. I don't think that will affect us. I think it's a nice touch for them. Whoever picked it, kudos for that crazy picture," he said.

Kingsbury continued to talk up the stadium feel in Stillwater.

"The atmosphere is awesome. Fans are right on top of you. I remember as a player, then coaching at Houston, then obviously here, they do it right," Kingsbury said. "It will be a lot of fun for our players to experience that, those guys that haven't been there yet."

Kingsbury doesn't seem too worried about the atmosphere for Bowman, but he was also the last Texas Tech quarterback to win in Stillwater. Symons, Harrell, Mahomes and others in between haven't sealed the deal.

I still think the real pressing question here is: Are you afraid of Gary Busey?

Regardless of the face, it will be a new distraction that Texas Tech will have to figure out. Not only is the video board ginormous, but it'a also basically field level. There is zero way to avoid looking at it when driving into that end zone. For two entire quarters, the Texas Tech quarterback will be driving directly into a billion-inch flat screen TV, I can hardly hold a conversation during a commercial with bright lights. It just so happens that Texas Tech's signal caller is a true freshman.

Does Alan Bowman seem mature beyond his years? Yes. Has he let anything phase him yet? No. Could he be the first Texas Tech quarterback to win in Stillwater for the Red Raiders since Kliff Kingsbury? That remains to be seen.

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