Who's ready for a scare?

Lubbock haunted attraction Nightmare On 19th Street has released the 2019 schedule and is ready to announce the new attraction. It's Krampus: A Christmas Nightmare in 3D.

The legend of Krampus serves as a jumping off point for all kinds of Christmas mayhem, so let's back up and explain what Krampus is.

Krampus is kind of an "anti- Santa Claus." Good kids get a visit from Santa, and bad kids get a visit from Krampus. As for the Krampus monster himself, it's generally pictured in two ways: the first being a goat/demon hybrid, and the second a sinister looking Santa Claus.

A world traveling airbrush artist was brought in to Nightmare On 19th Street to paint eye-popping 3D graphics to set the tone for the evil elves, salty Santas and Krampus monsters you'll run into. There's more, too, but we're not going to spoil all of the surprises.

The grand opening this year will be September 27th and 28th, 2019. We hope you'll be among the first to catch Krampus: A Christmas Nightmare in 3D.

(Disclosure: Author is a co-owner of Nightmare On 19th Street)

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