Deserved or not, Nic Shimonek has received a lot of abuse this season online. In the same interview from Texas Tech's weekly press conference, he talked about the backup quarterback being the most popular player on the team most of the time.

But the only thing that worries Shimonek about the abuse on Twitter, which doesn't seem to affect him, is that his mom and girlfriend read it and have a hard time not responding. He was asked about this at the school's weekly pregame press conference.

"Has she tweeted back at somebody," Nic asked a reporter with a smile on his face.

"She just looks at it, she just reads it, and [says], 'oh man, I wish he wouldn't have said that,'" Shimonek said. "I'm like, come on, mom -- this person has like 15 followers."

I got the feeling the thought of his mom lambasting somebody on Twitter for being mean to him made him laugh. Shimonek also said he has to remind both his girlfriend and mom to chill out when reading the online hate.

And yes, there are plenty of tweets available for his mom and girlfriend to peruse and get angry about:

I think we need to see a mean tweets segment with Shimonek's mom reading mean tweets about her son. Maybe even all the Texas Tech mom's reading mean tweets.

I'm sure there are plenty for Mrs. Kingsbury to read.

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