Nic Shimonek seems pretty emotionless, so it's not surprising that he says he won't be getting too emotional during his senior day this weekend when TCU comes to town at 11 a.m. for the Battle for the Saddle.

Shimonek barely hesitated during this week's Texas Tech pregame presser and dropped the names of three teammates who he thinks will get a little weepy during Senior Day 2017.

The teammates most likely to be crying on each other's shoulders this Saturday? Dylan Cantrell, Zach Barnes and Taylor Nunez. Which, frankly isn't much of a surprise. Nunez kinda sounds like he's about to cry in the commercial he does for the Athletic Department. Not that there's anything wrong with crying...

Shimonek doubled down, saying: "I think me, Big Mych and Cam will be alright."

We'll have to keep an eye out for who's letting them fly on Saturday after the game, mostly to see if Shimonek is as stoic as he makes himself out to be.

The dark horse Senior to cry on Saturday to me though is definitely the long snapper, Kyle Heffron. I've never met the guy so I'll just call it a gut feeling.

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