Nic Shimonek talked about his team's 52-45 win over Arizona State on Saturday night during a post-game press conference at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Shimonek had to test his leadership skills on the final drive.

"I was trying to calm those guys down a little bit. And I could sense the -- I wouldn't say nervousness, but maybe anxiousness, urgency -- to make a play," he said. "Just wanted those guys to relax, stay within themselves and ultimately that's what we did. Found a way to win."

He also had to remind himself to keep calm.

"I got a little frustrated there in the second half. It seemed like they pretty much had a good play call for everything we ran as opposed to the first half," Shimonek explained. "But, yeah, even I had to tell myself as I was telling those guys, 'calm down, we got this.' While I'm telling them to calm down, I need to tell myself to calm down as well."

Shimonek also knows his goals for each game are pretty well defined, no matter the situation. "Gotta score. Each and every drive no matter what the defense is doing or what the situation is, first quarter, end of the game like that, whatever the case may be, the goal was to score a touchdown every drive," he said.

Shimonek and the Red Raiders will have a shot at going 3-0 when they take on Houston Saturday morning (Sept. 23) at 11 a.m. You can listen to our pre-game show on from 9 a.m. up until kickoff.


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