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Lamar Jackson was collecting one of his numerous awards that he earned after a fantastic regular season when he let a great line go about having to play 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

"Yeah, he's a great quarterback," Jackson started. "I hate playing against him." The room filled with laughter, but Jackson was being serious. "I'm not even on defense."

That's the kind of pressure the Super Bowl MVP and his electric offense put on you. Even the best fear him. If you don't think Jackson is afraid of Mahomes, then why is he talking about him in the off-season?

The Ravens were 14-2 in the regular season during Lamar Jackson's MVP season. They lost to the Chiefs 33-28, where Mahomes had 340+ yards and three touchdowns.

In the 2018 regular season, the Chiefs won in overtime when Patrick Mahomes had an incredible throw on 4th and 9 that set up the game-tying touchdown in regulation.

That makes the Chiefs and Mahomes 2-0 against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. I'd hate the guy too if I lost to them every year.

Now, moving forward, I hope this develops into an incredible rivalry that tops Manning-Brady, and both of these guys trade wins for the next decade...that or Lamar Jackson has a ton of success and loses to Mahomes every year in the AFC championship game. Either way.

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