There's a brand new mode on Madden 20, AKA the one with Patrick Mahomes on the cover, where you can be just like Patrick Mahomes, except you can make it into the CFP.

The mode is called "Face of the Franchise." You can be a quarterback and go to the College Football Playoffs with some of the premier schools in the country. Schools that have been in the playoffs, like Clemson, Oregon and Oklahoma. Schools that have won National Championships in the past, like Texas, Florida State, Miami, USC and Miami.

You can also play as Texas Tech. Seriously.

Select Texas Tech, go to the CFP, and win a National Championship on your way to going high in the NFL draft. Maybe even in the top 10, like Patrick Mahomes. It's basically like the old "Road to Glory" mode in the NCAA franchise, but with legit schools instead of generic ones.

Texas Tech University is now in Final 4s, going to Omaha basically every year, winning national track titles, and now the school is in Madden 20 with a bunch of Blue Blood programs.

To top it off, the two teams that have won the CFP-era national titles (besides Clemson) were left off the list completely: The Ohio State Buckeyes, and some small-time program called Alabama.

You can be Texas Tech in a football game, and not Alabama. Roll Tide.

It's the Patrick Mahomes effect.

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