Portland Tidwell, named Miss Texas United States in 2019 and 2021, went viral on TikTok showing how she gets ready for a rodeo appearance in San Antonio, Texas. Her video posted just two days ago already has over 2 million views and counting.

Tidwell starts the video by showing how she does her hair. In the true Southern way, she pin-curls her hair in order to make it as curly and big as possible. Do you know the saying, "the higher the hair, the closer to God?" Well, that is the Texas way, so of course Miss Texas is going to pull it off. After setting all her curls in place, she heads to bed to get her beauty sleep before the big day.

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She continues the video after waking up the next day and starts off by brushing those pearly whites before moving on to her makeup routine. A key part of the routine seems to be focused on thoroughly moisturizing her face before and after bed in order to have a smooth canvas to apply her makeup on. She follows up her morning moisturizer with her eye makeup, foundation, lashes, and tops it all off with some lipstick.

Once the makeup is done, Tidwell picks out her outfit before doing her hair. After picking out the perfect sweater, she removes the pins from her hair and brushes it out for those perfect bouncy blonde curls. Once the hair is complete and set with some hair spray, she finishes the outfit with some sparkly boots and her Miss Texas sash, pulling the whole look together.

Although most people are aware of pageantry, many people aren’t familiar with what happens after the title is won. Not only do the winners move on to the next level of pageants for their chance to earn a higher title, but they also make a lot of appearances and work with their chosen charity.

Tidwell’s charity of choice is the 100 clubs of San Antonio and America. They provide assistance to the children and families of the fallen first responders killed in the line of duty. So, pageantry isn’t just about being a beautiful girl in sparkly dresses, there a more to it than many people think.

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