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The summer will be here before you know it, and if you're like me you've probably been dreaming about a trip to Las Vegas for a million years. Something always seems to come up that stops me from going, but I've decided this summer is the summer for Vegas, and nothing's going to hold me back.

Flights to Las Vegas are incredibly cheap because of how many people fly there each year for a vacation. The flight markets keep the prices low and competitive with other airlines, which is win-win for us all.

Right now (Feb. 15th, 2022), you can find flights online from Lubbock to Las Vegas for less than $300 in July. If you aren't picky about what days you go and don't mind riding in coach, you can get them for even less. This is great news for anyone looking to blow some money on Texas Hold 'em. The best part about the price is that you can fly directly from Lubbock and don't have to drive all the way to Dallas-Fort Worth to save a few bucks.

How to Get the Best Ticket Prices

A non-stop flight will get you to Sin City in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Others can take upwards of 6 hours because of connecting flights. I hate running through the airport searching for my gate, but being flexible and patient about the time it takes for you to arrive can help you save a ton of cash.

Buying a ticket at least one week in advance should land you a good price, according to Another study from suggested the best time to buy a ticket is 64 days in advance. One thing's for sure: if you buy a ticket in the days prior to the flight, you'll be looking at higher prices.

Budget Your Las Vegas Trip

A great way to save money on your trip to Las Vegas is to budget. If you and the girls have been dying for a weekend getaway, I would suggest booking your flights, restaurants and entertainment in advance, and planning out each portion of your trip so that you don't end up spending too much in one place and going home empty-handed. There are great coupons all over the internet for different Las Vegas features, and if you don't mind handing them a piece of paper for buy-one-get-one dessert, then you are bound for success.

Who's ready to go? I'll meet you there!

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