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Over the next two weeks candidates running in both the Republican and Democrat primaries will tell voters to get out and vote as soon as they can. Many in the news media will repeat these lines and urge everyone to vote soon.

And while early voting is a perk that many, if not most voters will take advantage of, that doesn't mean you have you. Here is the problem with early voting. By the time March 1 comes around, most voters will have cast ballots on different days and with different information. That means there will be two weeks where voters are learning possibly new information on candidates and while some of that information either won't matter or only reinforce your support for a candidate, what if the new information makes you wonder if you actually voted for the right candidate?

In primaries where there are still people undecided in statewide and area campaigns, there is nothing wrong with waiting until you feel like you have all the information on the candidates on the ballot. That may be this week, or next week, or even on election day.

Now, if you are heading out on a 3-4 week vacation or you know you will be too busy on Election Day and won't be able to vote, please go and vote early.

As for me? I want to see how some of these campaigns continue to play out. I think we will see a little more dirt thrown and who knows? Maybe we will learn something new about a candidate or two. It won't be first time or the last.

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