Every player goes through learning struggles as a rookie in the NFL. You've got to learn a new playbook, a new system, and apparently, for Miami Dolphins rookie Ryan Tannehill, learn the divisions.

The former Texas A&M quarterback struggled in a video clip from HBO's Hard Knocks to remember what teams were in what division. He said he knew every team in his own division but couldn't name any others. Tannehill was put to the test.

Matt Moore quizzed the rookie by asking him who played in the NFC North. Moore was nice enough to give him Green Bay. Tannehill then guessed Minnesota (which is correct) and the New York Giants. Right conference but wrong division, Ryan.

Moore then went on to give Tannehill another division, the NFC East. Tannehill jokingly guessed the Kansas City Chiefs. Nice try, Ryan.

In Tannehill's defense, he did make a good point. Some of the divisions don't make sense seeing where the teams are located. But, nevertheless, Tannehill should still take some free time and try to figure those out at some point.

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