NFL coaching legend Don Shula has passed away at the age of 90.

When I was growing up there was only one great head coach in my mind, Don Shula.

It wasn't that I watched the Dolphins in his hay day or was I a fan of the team, but I sure knew who was the most winningest head coach in the league's history.

My step Dad is a big Dolphins fan and I watched my fair share of historical Super Bowl videos as a kid to know about the success of Shula.

Furthermore, the fact that then Dolphins owner Joe Robbie was from South Dakota, it gave me more of a reason to follow the team and know their history.

Shula is not only the winningest head coach in NFL history, but he coached the Dolphins to a 17-0 record and made it to five Super Bowls winning three.

Over the last decade, Shula had been battling health issues but he did an appearance at the Super Bowl in February.

The Miami Dolphins issued a statement saying he passed away "peacefully at his home".


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