Shrimp Galley, located at 5109 82nd St #9 in Lubbock, feels like my special secret. It has crunchy, fresh-fried fish, perfectly prepared seafood, fun chairs that roll around and really friendly folks.

The joke that everyone there is 60+ is mostly true, but our elders are wise and know where to find a great deal on a yummy meal.

Rumors have been circulating on social media that Shrimp Galley has closed down. That's only partially true.

According to a sign on the door, the business is (as of April 19) temporarily closed for repair and remodel. Hopefully, that process won't take too long.

Every time I've been in Shrimp Galley, it's been full of people and the service is quite quick --- both hallmarks of a business that's here to stay.


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