Lubbock scored low on the latest WalletHub survey.

The latest survey ranks town according to how fun they are to live in. Three metrics (with a lot of subcategories) were involved in the survey: No. 1 is Entertainment & Recreation, no. 2 is Nightlife & Parties, and no. 3 is Costs.

Lubbock basically ate a bummer sandwich in the first two categories, but did moderately well (57th place) in the third. This gave Lubbock a ranking of 119 out of 182.

So how accurate is the survey? Well, it, of course, depends on what they look at. I can't really dispute their findings. The first category, Entertainment & Recreation, had a subcategory for Number of Attractions which was double weighted, and we just don't have that many attractions in Lubbock. I guess you could argue with them on Nightlife & Parties, because a lot of that stuff is underground or private.

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