The Lubbock Police Department has released the body cam video of the two officers who responded to calls during a water gun/balloon fight Saturday afternoon. Caution: some vulgar language is used in the video.

On Saturday (June 2), Lubbock Police responded to over 50 calls for reports of individuals with water guns and water balloons disrupting traffic in northeast Lubbock.

Police say a majority of the calls were met with courtesy and cooperation. But at around 7 p.m., two LPD officers responded to the 2600 block of East Baylor for another water fight.

When the officers arrived, they could see the individuals throwing water balloons and shooting water guns at citizens not participating in the water fight. Police say the incident nearly blocked the 2600 block of East Baylor.

The officers attempted to disperse the crowd, but was meet with a hail of water balloons, water buckets, and trash cans thrown at them. The officer's equipment, including a radio and firearms, were damaged due to the water. Eventually, an officer dispersed the crowd by activating the squad car lights and sirens.

Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens released the following statement Monday afternoon (June 4) concerning the incident:

"Several LPD officers responded to calls from good people... as they faced a difficult circumstance with numerous people acting poorly and unruly towards residents and motorists. Most of those involved were respectful of the officers and cooperated fully. Unfortunately, a small number of individuals failed to cooperate..."

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope also released a statement on Monday showing support for Lubbock Police:

"I fully support our Lubbock Police Department, and I commend the police officers who responded to the incident.  These officers demonstrated a calm and respectful approach in their efforts to resolve the situation.  The restraint they showed is notable.  Unfortunately, a few individuals chose to escalate the situation.  I believe this isolated incident does not represent the majority of our community, who I believe treat our law enforcement officers with courtesy and respect."

The Lubbock Police Department is still investigating the incident and determining if any charges will be filed.

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