There was a scary moment in the final game between Texas Tech and Louisville this weekend. A foul ball jumped off of the bat of a Louisville Cardinal and into the crowd. The ball found its way to the right cheek of a young man named Ethan.

What could have been much worse was handled perfectly by everyone involved.

Eric Chavez, Ethan's Dad, said on Twitter that Ethan was a tough kid. Davis Martin told him, "I should’ve thrown a better pitch." Chavez also commended the Texas Tech staff, saying, "It was amazing how great the medical & training staff were."

Chavez added that the team and team doctors continued to reach out even after Ethan was taken to the hospital.

In another Facebook comment, there was a story about a pediatric nurse who happened to be nearby that helped out.

Chavez also thanked Lubbock and the community for the support the family received.

"Really blown away at all the kind words and thoughts for my son & family. Really shows you the quality of people in Lubbock and associated w/ Texas Tech all over," he said.

Not only has the Lubbock Community and Texas Tech been worried about Ethan and his health, the Louisville baseball team is sending out a care package to Ethan and his family.

In a photo shared by Eric Chavez Monday morning, you can see the actual seam of the baseball on Ethan's cheek.

You can see the seam of the baseball.


What an absolute champ and a very big GUNS UP to you!

Knowing the end of the story has no major injury, some swelling and a heck of a story makes it so great. Again, Ethan is an absolute CHAMP.

What really puts this story over the top is that today is Ethan's birthday! So, everyone be sure to wish Ethan an incredible 8th birthday.

Happy Birthday to you, Ethan -- you're one tough so-of-a-gun, and you'll look like your twin brother again in a few short weeks!

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