Justin Olsen is a native of Lubbock, Texas, an Olympic Bobsledder and a former Gold Medalist.

He competed last week in the 2-man bobsled event and will compete in the 4-man sled event that starts Wednesday, Feb. 21. The 2-man bobsled training runs that Olsen competed in started February 15th -- a mere 10 days after Olsen had his appendix removed in a South Korean hospital.

That's right, Olsen had his appendix removed in a PyeongChang Hospital on February 5th and was hurling himself down an ice slide at maximum speed just 10 days later, competing against the best in the world.

The USA did not medal in the 2-man sled events, but Olsen says the 4-man event is the USA's better shot to medal.

Olsen also said he wasn't going to miss his appendix.

"I feel really good," he said (via USA Today). "There's no hard feelings parting ways with my appendix. That thing's been giving me trouble for about seven years. I’m happy it's out."

You can watch Justin Olsen compete and root on the 806 Wednesday when they start the training runs for the 4-man bobsled event. The competitive runs start on Saturday the February 24th, and the medals will be decided Sunday, Feb. 25th.


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