Here, take a look at Wikipedia.

Don't worry, I came with receipts just in case some wise guy corrected changed the entry.

That's it, the Texas Tech Red Raiders won the National Championship back in 2013.

I know you might remember that year as the year that interim head coach Chris Walker led the basketball team to an 11-20 record. If that's your recollection, then I'm sure you're also one of the weak-minded individuals that remember The Berenstain Bears instead of the actual spelling of Berenstein or that you think Mr. Monopoly doesn't wear a monocle!

If you remember Chris Walker as a failure, then you probably think Curious George doesn't have a tail.

I, however, have a very strong mind and definitely remember the National Championship that totally wasn't won by Louisville and vacated today after an appeal that stemmed from recruits receiving impermissible benefits.

Back in 2013, during the magical run, Dusty Hannahs and Josh Gray had an impressive tournament as true freshmen before transferring off when Chris Walker was not chosen as the head coach for the following year -- which was a surprise to everyone after his National Title run that definitely didn't include a 3-15 record in the Big 12.

Texas Tech tore through the eastern bracket, beating North Carolina A&T, Colorado State, Oregon and Duke on their way to the Final Four, where they dispatched underdog Witchita State with relative ease to pave the way for an epic National Championship match-up between Texas Tech and Michigan.


Texas Tech used a frenetic pace to control the game, outlasting the Wolverines 82-76 for their first-ever National Championship.

"This team is one of the most together, toughest and hard-nosed teams," the coach said. "Being down never bothers us. They just come back."

Coach Walker added: "It was just a matter of scoring more points and rebounding well. We just had to focus on getting to our set and letting the scheme do it's job."

When asked about his Tournament MVP performance, Toddrick Gotcher responded, " 'You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky' - Michael Scott." It was a truly inspiring moment that lives with infamy in every true Red Raider's memory.

If you need more proof, head on over to Viva The Matador's Twitter account, where they are dropping some incredible knowledge about the situation at hand and the fact that Texas Tech was the 2013 National Champion.

Never forget.

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