One sad Dallas Cowboys fan in Lubbock has completely given up on America's team and is now selling all of his old Cowboys merch on a local Lubbock garage sale page.

We spotted it and thought it was hilarious and that you guys just might get a kick out of it, too. The poor man seems defeated and no matter how much he loved his team, which is evident by the number of jerseys, he's now done with them forever.

It's been quite some time since the Cowboys were the talk of the town. Only a few diehard fans still seem to claim them. It looks like they may have just lost another one.

I remember my uncle (rest his soul) was the biggest Cowboys fan I've ever met. He even had a Dallas Cowboys-themed Christmas tree, complete with blue lights. Posters of the cheerleaders adorned his walls.

Well, he drank himself to death, and sometimes I wonder if the Cowboys are to blame. Kidding. That's pretty dark. He had a drinking problem. It wasn't their fault...or was it? Hmmm...

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In his post on the private group Lubbock Facebook Garage Sales, the man lists 17 different Cowboys jerseys for sale at a pretty reasonable price. You may want to head over there and see if they're still available for someone in your life who's still clinging to the idea that the team will make a massive comeback.

Also, if your uncle is a Cowboys fan, check on him, and perhaps also check him into rehab. Just saying...

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