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There are plenty of things about Lubbock that we can call our own. One is the legendary Ron Roberts of KAMC-TV, who you hear on our Townsquare Media stations giving you the weather sitch.

This week, obviously, we're paying close attention to Ron as it appears that we're about to get another Arctic Blast of snow, ice, and polar bears.

If you haven't done so yet, Ron's Facebook page is a must-follow since it keeps people updated about changing weather here on the South Plains. But yesterday, Ron made it very clear who the true weather man is in the Hub City.

Within the comments of this post, someone decided to challenge Ron's winter weather forecast by pointing out what another Lubbock TV station was reporting as far as possible snow totals.

Not smart, as Ron quickly, and gently reminded them who's boss.

Facebook: Ron Robert KAMC
Facebook via Ron Roberts KAMC

Ron don't play that KCBD game.


Just like Michael Jordan, Ron dunked on his competitors over at channel 11 and made it clear in the most gentlemanly way possible that he's the G.O.A.T. of Lubbock meteorologists:

"Thank you. But I do not consider data from KCBD. They make great forecast too. But I do not watch other broadcast meteorologists"

Much like we don't pay much attention to what other radio stations in town are doing, Ron Roberts is taking care of his business and keeping us informed, and that's all that matters.

So remember: when you try to challenge the master, there's a chance that you'll be the one who gets taken to school.

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