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In what could turn out to be one of the largest first party property damage cases ever filed in Texas, Lubbock Independent School District has filed a civil lawsuit against several insurance companies this week.

According to KAMC, the lawsuit accuses the insurance companies of underestimating the costs to repair Lubbock ISD property after hail damage from storms in 2019 and in 2020. According to the Lubbock Independent School District, the two storms caused "massive and unmistakable damages to the buildings".

Lubbock ISD also claims that the insurance companies hired companies that were "well known hired guns for insurance companies" to survey the damage.

Lubbock ISD claims that damages could exceed $100 million dollars. The school district said that because of the hail damage, "virtually all of the roofs on Lubbock ISD's campuses" need to be replace.

A press release from the firm Daily & Black outlined some of the damages caused by the storms.

The damages to Lubbock ISD’s buildings and other property was massive and unmistakable. Virtually all of the roofs on Lubbock ISD’s campuses need to be replaced due to substantial hail damage. Many of the roofs are suffering from massive leaks from the storms. The petition alleges that, nevertheless, the Insurers hired companies to do inspections and take photos who are well known hired guns for insurance companies who routinely delay their inspections, fail to find damage, intentionally photograph areas that lack damage rather than areas that are damaged, invent reasons for the damage that are excluded under policies (such as wear and tear, improper installation, cosmetic damage, etc.), and drastically underestimate the costs to repair or replace property.

We believe the filing represents one of the largest first party property damages cases ever filed in Texas.  The petition alleges damages that may well exceed $100,000,000.

KFYO will keep you updated with this story.

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