A recent article was published about a Texas school district implementing a policy in which students' phones will be locked up during class to alleviate distractions. Parents and teachers were conflicted about whether or not it's a good idea.

Should policies like this be implemented in Lubbock schools, or are children safer with access to their phones in the event there's an emergency?

We asked dozens of local parents and teachers to weigh in on the subject. It's clearly a hot-button topic because there were some very strong opinions one way or the other.

Here are a few examples of people who believe taking cell phones away is a good idea:

"We lived without them. There is nothing new except a feeling of entitlement. Call the office, they will page the room. Get them ready for the real world. You will get a write-up that can eventually lead to termination at most careers."

"If parents can't do their job to teach their kids to control themselves in class, then yes, teachers should be able to take their little distraction devices away from them. If parents don't like it, they can teach their kids to be responsible or, better yet, they can keep their phones at home. There is literally zero reason for kids to have phones in school."

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"I'm a parent. I won't send my kids off to public schools at all, nor do I turn them loose with any device that accesses the internet. Clearly, we need to completely reinvent our education system as it is currently unsafe and inadequate for a large number of kids. As for the phones, I can see how destructive they are to myself, much less a mind that is still developing. I strictly limit all handheld electronics."

On the other hand, some parents want their children to always have access to their phones. Here's what they had to say:


"Absolutely not. I can understand taking a phone if it's distracting the student but to take all of them? That's a lot of personal property to attempt to be responsible for. Also yes in an emergency none of the kids have their phones. Like I said, absolutely NOT."

"I can see how they’re distracting but I feel like simple after-school detention works just fine. When I was in school they would take our phones and make us pay to get them back… how are you going to take something that belongs to me and sell it back to me?"

"Hell no. My kid would have their phone on them. If I need to contact them, it’s when I do it, not when the office gets around to relaying the message, not to mention I would want to make sure my kid is okay in an emergency."

What do you think? Would you be comfortable with a Lubbock teacher holding onto your child's phone during class? Do you think a teacher being responsible for 20 to 30 phones is a good idea? Is detention enough to get the point across the phones shouldn't be out during class time? Comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

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