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Bart Reagor has filed a motion in federal court, asking a federal judge to overturn his conviction for making a false statement to a bank.

The former co-owner of the now defunct Reagor-Dykes Auto Group was found guilty of making a false statement to a bank back on October 15th.

Reagor was accused of taking $1.7 million out of a $10 million bank loan and transferring it into his own personal account. IBC Bank says that if they knew of Reagor's intent to transfer a part of this loan into his own account, it would have affected their decision to give it in the first place.

KAMC News reports that Reagor openly admitted to transferring the $1.7 million, but said he was well within his right to do so.

Reagor's defense argues that unless it can be proven that he knew he could not use a working-capital loan to pay himself, then Reagor committed no crime. The defense also claims that the case should have been tossed out on the rules of procedure.

Prosecutors, however, presented an email written by Reagor where he says:

How we are going to handle this capital is 100,000,000 percent confidential between us and is not anyone else’s business. Nobody’s. No bankers or anyone else. Our business. Game on.

Reagor's sentencing date remains February 24th, 2022 where he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years.

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