Kobe Bryant is walking away from the game, but his legacy lives on. And not just on the basketball court, either.

Several athletes who have endorsement deals with Nike -- just like the Lakers star does -- sat down to discuss the "Black Mamba" (April 13, by the way, has been declared "Black Mamba Day" in his honor)

A whole host of athletes from other sports chime in to try and explain Bryant's mystique. Serena Williams, Rob Gronkowski, LeBron James, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods are just a small sampling of the stars who took time to wax poetic about him.

And it wasn't all complimentary, either. Kobe's legendary competitiveness is a hot topic of conversation and he's praised for thriving on his intensity and sometimes being cast as the villain. Just wait until you hear how Kevin Durant describes Bryant (it's a word that would get your mouth washed out with soap as a kid).

Yup, the five-time NBA champion will soon be gone, but definitely not forgotten.

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