Kliff Kingsbury joined the Johnny Manziel-fronted Barstool Podcast called Comeback SZN to talk to his former quarterback and his co-hosts Kayce Smith and Erik Burkhardt, or EB.

EB is Johnny Manziel and Kliff Kingsbury's agent, and was Kingsbury's college roommate and fraternity brother.

Manziel and Kingsbury catch up about the good old days in 2012 when the pair joined forces on Manziel's way, including the time Johnny was late to a run-through because he was out at a Halloween party dressed as Scooby Doo.

"Johnny had some crazy excuse, like his roommate pulled the plug on the alarm clock, but we already knew what he had been doing. So he misses the offensive meeting, trots out [late] to walk-through… goes through it probably, I think, still a little intoxicated. We do our thing, get on a plane to [Mississippi State] and he ends up playing the best game I’ve ever seen. At that point, I'm like 'this kid is not human.'"

The inside story on Johnny Manziel having to get through the Honor Board at Texas A&M was a great look at Johnny Football, his time at Texas A&M and how large of a roll Kliff Kingsbury played in getting him on the field.

It's also important to know that Johnny Manziel has been a Red Raider fan since he left the Aggies. They talked briefly about the future of Texas Tech, and Kingsbury rolled out some coach speak about this 2018 group being his best roster since he came to Texas Tech, which is the least interesting part of the entire podcast.

The best line from the segment is Johnny saying, "The Big 12 doesn't play defense." Kliff responds: "We're working on it."

Back to the good stuff. Kliff Kingsbury spent time with both Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson in his heyday. He tries to call the stories "speculatory," but ole EB countered by explaining that the Texas Tech head coach had an autographed photo of Ms. Spears on his bathroom mirror in college that said, "Make room for the Heisman" with heart eyes on it. He also relayed a story of Kingsbury getting onto the tour bus with Britney Spears and coming back off the bus with a "cockeyed smirk" across his face.

After some investigative work, I can confirm Britney Spears was in Lubbock in June of 2002, but she canceled her concert due to a transformer that blew in the then-United Spirit Arena. I vividly remember the concert being canceled and some controversy about the canceling, with people saying that the show could have gone on and that the Spears team pulled the plug too early without trying to fix the situation.

Maybe she just had somewhere better to be? Have we solved the great 2002 Britney Spears debacle some 16 years later? Did Kliff Kingsbury get the show that Lubbock was promised? We may never know the whole truth.

To close the show, Manziel recounts a story about how Kingsbury got on his players' good side in one of his first meetings with the Aggies after he got that job.

It involves a Brazilian game show, lots of bikinis and Kliff Kingsbury in a bar in Brazil.

You'll have to listen to the podcast for that story to receive full justice. You can listen to the whole podcast here. I strongly encourage you to do so.

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