This is a rare look into the closed off Kliff Kingsbury we generally get here in Lubbock.

Dan Lebatard opens the interview digging into the childhood of Kliff Kingsbury and the pair got into Kingsbury's fear of his dad's paddle, in which he called a "board". Kingsbury on the board/paddle, "When were little we tried to get to it and get rid of it, but we couldn't get to it."

Kinsgsbury added about his dad,"He hit us with it. In the rear, agressively." Kingsbury continued, "He was a Purple Heart Vietnam Vet. He didn't mess around, he came with the corporal punishment, and I'm glad he did."

Kingsbury then recants the worst swat he ever got. "Basketball game between my brother and I. It got intense late and I dropped a big F bomb. That was a stronger force than normal because my Mom was out there and we weren't going to do that."

I wonder if Kliff's Dad gets the board after him for some of the bombs the cameras catch on the sideline.

After a rousing discussion about Kliff and his older brother, Le Batard's Papi asks about the time Kliff Kingsbury was an answer on Jeopardy.

Kingsbury's Grandmother was watching the episode of Jeopardy when this question came up:

"That was a big moment in the Kingsbury family, to be on Jeopardy."

The last story, which I think Le Batard butchered like most everything in this interview by not understanding the story or Kingsbury very well, is a story of how a woman sent Kliff Kingsbury a fake break up letter trying to win him back. Kingsbury returned a letter saying he enjoyed the relationship because of the dynamic mix tape that the woman had sent.

"It was Backstreet, *NSYNC, Jodeci, just some incredible love songs. She was trying to win me back with the mix tape. I appreciated it."

I can guarantee this Jodeci song made the list.

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