The Kansas City Chiefs are officially headed to the playoffs for the 6th straight season.

The Chiefs clinched a seat at the table after beating the Denver Broncos 22-16 on Sunday night (December 6th). The Chiefs won their seventh game in a row this season thanks to big games from Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Mahomes is now 5-0 against the Denver Broncos after beating them in his first-ever start as a rookie and sweeping them in the last two seasons.

With a guaranteed playoff appearance in the books, it's now time for the team to begin defending the Lombardi Trophy.

The Chiefs are the only team in the AFC that's currently in the playoffs for sure. The Steelers are still the projected one-seed, the only seed to get a bye week in this seasons playoffs, but they lost to The Washington Football team this week.

In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints are the only team to have clinched a postseason berth thus far after beating the Falcons 21-16 on Sunday.

Kansas City defeated the San Francisco 49ers in last season's Super Bowl. That won't be the 2021 Super Bowl, with the 49ers on the bubble and likely to miss the playoffs. For a while, the Seahawks looked like the favorites for the NFC championship, but the Packers and Saints now look like the favorites to represent the conference.

In the AFC, the Steelers and Chiefs have been the two best teams all season. Lately, the Steelers' offense has been struggling, while the Chiefs' defense has been improving. The Bills and the Browns are also in the hunt in the AFC with 9-3 records.

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