Texas A&M Quarterback and Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Manziel is rarely bested on the football field by a defense, even his own.

During the Saturday scrimmage for the Aggies, Manziel threw three interceptions and shoved a grad assistant who was celebrating after the last turnover.

Following his last of three interceptions, on a short pass into the end zone as he ran into the right sidelines, an exuberant graduate assistant jumped up and down within what appeared to be inches of an irate Manziel. So Manziel shoved him. Players and coaches, who were all gathered along the sidelines, quickly separated the Giddy GA and Manziel before anything escalated.”

The folks at AL.com posted a story about the incident with Manziel and it makes you think they believe that “Johnny Football” committed a grievous crime.

I can't say that wouldn't shove someone celebrating in front of me after I made a turnover, grad assistant or not.

The fine folks at Every Day Should Be Saturday poke fun at the non-story saying on Twitter:

Can't believe Johnny Manziel killed a grad assistant this weekend. #RIP #internet

— edsbs (@edsbs) March 25, 2013

I’m not an Aggie fan or apologist, but I find Manziel to be the most interesting player in College Football and in the running for most interesting all of sports (apologies to Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson).

Mike Zarrilli, Getty Images
Mike Zarrilli, Getty Images

The fact that Manziel is so under the skin of Alabama fans and media makes me appreciate him even more. Beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa does that.

Manziel has drawn criticism for partying, smoking cigars, and having fun with the boys from Dude Perfect. Manziel gets under people's skin because they are either jealous or expect him to be a robot with no emotion.

Is Manziel a thug? Far from it. He has audacity to enjoy himself and enjoy the fruits of his success and even show emotion when he makes a mistake.

Manziel is good for College Football because he cares about what he does on the field and shows competitive fire on the playing field and practice field.

This Red Raider will cheer for Manziel in 2013, especially on September 14th when they host the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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