Before the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving game, Jerry Jones said: "I think Tony Romo has at least five years. I'm planning on him at least five years of playing at a level that would allow us to be a possible contender."

Maybe Jerry is thinking differently this week.

With Romo going down for the season on Thanksgiving last week during the Cowboys 33-14 loss to the Panthers, speculation has exploded that his replacement will either be drafted or traded for during the off-season.

With Matt Cassel as the backup, it's safe to say that the future was not on the active roster last week. Could he be on this week's roster though?

Kellen Moore has yet to throw an NFL pass, but many Cowboys faithful are clamoring to let him start the rest of the 2015 season.

Cassel already has showed he cannot get it done. What's the harm in letting Moore play out this 2015 season? The "worst" that could happen is that he goes winless and you get a high draft pick.

Kellen Moore was 50-3 as a starter at Boise State. I think that speaks for itself.

Another name that will be forever linked to the Dallas Cowboys is Johnny Manziel, who, after rehab and some decent NFL play this season, got benched last weekend after partying with champagne bottle in hand and lying about it. It seems like the ice is very thin in Cleveland for Manziel and he could possibly be a free agent at season's end.

Manziel has not had the start he wished for in his NFL career. But maybe all he needs is a new start. A rebirth. Some tutelage under a similar play style and under one of the best gunslingers in the NFL right now.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say that Jerry Jones is probably sending all kinds of party planners to Cleveland to show Manziel a good time so he can bring him home to the Metroplex.

Another option, especially with the high draft pick, is to get the future of the franchise in the draft. Are there any quality picks in the 2016 draft? Is that the biggest need you have? With a young offensive line in place, the Cowboys are in the perfect spot to draft a QB and have him lie in wait or start immediately, especially with the improved defense.

Paxton Lynch of Memphis, Jared Goff of Cal and Conner Cook of Michigan State are the top QBs in the draft. Are they better than old Tony Romo or Kellen Moore?

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