Johnny Carino's is the latest restaurant in Lubbock to sleep with the fishes.

The restaurant turnover in Lubbock is crazy. We lost Pinocchio's Pizza this week, and now Johnny Carino's. What is it with Italian restaurants in Lubbock in general?

Zio's Italian Kitchen and Campisi's Italian Restaurant both shuttered in the past few years, and now Johnny Carino's. We do have our wonderful Orlando's locations, but they're almost more fusion than Italian.

If you Google "Italian Food In Lubbock," you get Fazoli's as the top answer. (I really love that place, but it's a bit more fast food than fine dining.)

So here's where the speculation comes in. What could move into that building? It has great adjacency to the South Plains Mall. Let's hope whomever it is is ready to pony up for quality help, because the inside word from servers is that since that's a touristy area, the tips really blow.

So long, Johnny Carino's. I'm going to miss the Italian nachos and Skilletini's.

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