After a career of explosive highlight plays, Texas Tech's Jakeem Grant is now providing explosive highlights while working out.

During what is presumably a workout preparing for the Texas Tech pro day, fellow Red Raider Keland McElrath caught some footage of the 5'7" Grant getting extreme air and nailing a 6'1" box jump.

Grant would be one of the shortest players in the NFL should he make a roster next year, but considering this video he could literally jump over plenty of NFL stars and legends.

Drew Brees, Doug Flutie and Barry Sanders would all be cleared by The Dream. Grant could clear Jacquizz Rodgers by a cool six inches. He could jump over Darren Sproles if Sproles stood on a cinder block.

I don't know that any of that helps Grant's draft stock, but it sure is awesome. Watch the incredibly impressive video above.


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