I had a chance to binge watch the new Netflix show "Quarterback" over the weekend. The Peyton Manning Omaha Productions show is kind of the like "Hard Knocks'" but obviously it just focuses on the Quarterback position.  Three quarterbacks were chosen by Manning to be followed around for the entire 2022 season.  The Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins, the Falcons Marcus Mariota (now with the Eagles) and Lubbock-legend Texas Tech's own Super Bowl winning QB from the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes.

On episode two, appropriately entitled "Homecoming," Mahomes' storyline includes his return to Lubbock to be enshrined in the Red Raider Ring of Honor. Shot like a Hollywood film with great cinematography, the episode shows the star's private jet landing in Lubbock to many fans greeting him and his family and then at Jones AT&T stadium for his jersey retirement and Texas Tech Athletic Hall of Fame induction. There's some great shots of the stadium including the Red Raider Marching Band spelling out "Mahomes" on the field.  Patrick also shares his very positive thoughts about his time at Tech and in Lubbock.  So it is a great look for the Hub City!

In following episodes, we get to see great Mahomes family moments all the way up to the Chiefs Super Bowl win in February. One of the most revealing is the building of his new home in Kansas City.  Basketball court, pool and show closet are all put on display for all to see. As for the first season of the show, it is a great look inside into the preparation and stress involved in every week of the long NFL season. And, I recommend it highly.  The Mahomes stuff is great, but I think breakout star maybe by Kirk Cousins. From being a throw away draft pick to starting quarterback, he seems to be regular guy trying to do the incredible and prove all the doubters wrong. He gets beats up the entire season and consults a professional therapist to cope with all things involved in the life of a quarterback.  As for Mariota, I think producers were hoping for that great "second-chance" story that is cut short by the QB being benched late in the season.  No word on a "Quarterback" season two, but I'll keep you updated.


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