We are all excited about the big game on Saturday. Not only is Patrick Mahomes going to be here but so will his mom.

She has something special going on for the community of Lubbock. She is putting on a shopping event and welcoming the public.

Randi Mahomes told KCBD, “Going back to the stadium there, it’s really going to mean a lot,” Randi told KCBD. “I’ve joked with Patrick, when he left college early, I begged him to stay. I was the one begging him to stay because, you know, being a grown-up isn’t as always fun as it looks when you’re that age.”

The shopping event will be for her QB Producer line. It is all customizable bags and other game-day gear that you will be able to go buy right here in Lubbock on Saturday.

She continued to tell KCBD, “There’s not a whole lot of stuff to buy when it comes to girls and going to a football game or a basketball game, and you want to be cute still,” Randi said. “It was something that just came about. Actually the first year we went to the Super Bowl, I was like I don’t care what I wear. I just want a jersey and then I want a cute bag and clear bags are the thing. I found someone that did it and then it kind of grew.”

The event will be held at STOCK Style Shop located at 4414 82nd Street #117 on Saturday, October 29th from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. You can find out more about the line here.

Then don't forget, at the halftime of the game that day as well the Ring of Honor ceremony will be held for Patrick Mahomes.

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