During Texas Tech's thrilling victory over the University of Texas Friday night in Austin, former Red Raider Patrick Mahomes got a little too turnt up.

Just picture it.

Justus Parker intercepts Sam Ehlinger's pass and starts moving up the sideline, and super fan Patrick Mahomes jumps off the couch in pure glee and starts ripping his clothes off. Wait, stop picturing that. No. Stop.

But I didn't just come up with that scenario; it really happened.

In between Mahomes' fits of ecstasy, he found time to congratulate Nic Shimonek for his gutsy 4th quarter performance.

The former superstar quarterback for Texas Tech also recognized the young talent of T.J. Vasher.

I can't wait to cheer for Patrick like he cheers for Texas Tech. I'll probably leave my clothes on, though.


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