Brenda Garcia with United Supermarkets joined us this week to discuss what to do with some of those leftovers that you may have after Thanksgiving. Garcia focused on leftover pumpkin and suggested that listeners who like pumpkin make pumpkin smoothies. Garcia mentioned a great recipe at that used yogurt as an ingredient. Garcia said yogurt contains probiotics which can improve your gut health. Shoppers can even go to their rewards account and download a coupon for a free yogurt this week at United Supermarkets.

Last week, Garcia discussed all the health benefits of eating turkey. Turkey is a great source of not only protein but zinc as well and right now a lot of people are looking to get more zinc into their bodies to help with their immune system. Turkey can even help you relax and make you tired if you've had enough. That's why so many people get tired after Thanksgiving or even during one of the many leftover meals they have. Garcia encouraged listeners to get cooking tips and tricks at for their Thanksgiving meal and for leftovers as well.

Listen to the entire interview with Brenda Garcia with United Supermarkets in the video above and visit for more on today's meals and advice. Also don't forget that United Supermarkets has you covered this holiday season with turkey, ham, sides, and great desserts!

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