Even dinner pros need a break sometime. One of United Supermarkets' latest and greatest ideas is the Ready Meal.

If you don't know, you're missing out. These ready-to-eat meals feature United Supermarkets' always delicious food, but packaged up in an easy to carry to-go container. It's the perfect choice for desk dining (something us folks in radio know a thing or two about), or even a bigger family meal when you don't feel like slaving over a hot stove.

"They're such a great way to prepare your meals, without having to prepare your meals," Brenda Garcia, United Family corporate dietician, gushed in an interview with us. "We have the ready to eat, which means you literally just grab it and open it. Then we have the ready to heat versions."

Garcia was especially high on crockpot soups and meals, which is as simple as it sounds.

"You grab the bag, and you stick it in the crockpot, it already has all the food and seasonings that you need...you literally take the bag, put it in your crockpot, cook it for however many hours it says, come home, it's done," she said. Even better, your crockpot stays clean.

A healthy Ready Meal might include salmon with green beans or asparagus, Garcia explained, adding that customers have the option to build their own meals with grilled chicken, Brussels sprouts and more.

Visit United Supermarkets' website for more information about Ready Meals and see this week's ad now.

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