One of the yummiest things my mom packed in my lunch box in elementary school was Fruit Smiles from Walmart. They're cheaper than the other brands, and they are so friggin' delicious. All the other kids around me use to beg to trade their snacks with me because, let's face it, Fruit Smiles are the bomb and they totally beat Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

Unfortunately, I think I may have eaten my last Fruit Smile after coming across a video of someone discovering their new box of fruit snacks was filled with worms. Gross.

Check it out below:

If you've sat back and put away package after package of these snacks while mindlessly watching cartoons, it's possible that you have snacked on a couple of worms every now and then, too.

As much as I'd like to say that this video won't sway my love for those fruity little smiles, I'm pretty sure it has. The worst part about it is that these are snacks for kids, and kids are busy living in their own world sometimes while they're munching. They aren't inspecting their food for worms.

Do you have any Fruit Smiles from Walmart at home? Care to open each package and sort through them to see if there are any wormy friends hanging out in there? I'm curious to know if this was just a fluke or a bad batch or something. Or if there are more Fruit Smiles out there carrying something other than that delicious fake fruit flavor.

You might want to switch up what you pack in your kiddo's lunch box. Or you could always just chalk it up to more protein and let it slide. Ugh.

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