There's now one Schlotzsky's remaining in Lubbock.

About a year ago the Schlotzsky's near Indiana and 82nd Street randomly closed out of the blue. I grew up in Austin and have always loved Schlotzsky's. It's such an easy place to get a sandwich or soup and the owners have always been great.

Today I stopped by the Schlotzsky's on 82nd and Milwaukee and had no idea it was closed down.

We wanted to figure out more information for you guys on if there are any plans to open back that location back up. Unfortunately, it sounds like that won't be happening any time soon, if at all. I called the last Schlotzsky's open on 19th Street and found out some new information. The employee I spoke with told me they don't think that the other location will reopen, adding that their location is doing well and has no plans to close any time soon.

According to the 82nd Street Schlotzsky's signs and social media page (see below), they closed down back at the end of February for new staff training and annual maintenance but said they would open back up on Saturday, March 5th.

There are cones blocking the Schlotzsky's driveway and signs up saying they're closed. The door is shut down with a wooden pallet.

Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media
Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

If you want to enjoy some great food and support our local workers, head over to 3715 19th Street or order via their website. 

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