Former Texas Tech Red Raider Football player Kevin Curtis joined Steve Dale, Rodney Allison and Kelly Robinson on Sportsline this morning.

Curtis, who played for both Spike Dykes and Mike Leach at Texas Tech, is currently the cornerbacks coach for Sonny Dykes at Louisiana Tech.

Curtis talked about how he was hired by Sonny Dykes at La Tech, "He got the job at Louisiana Tech and after Signing Day (in 2010) he called me up and I wanted to work for him." Curtis talked about being on Sonny's staff, "He's just like his father and it's a great fit."

In speaking about Spike Dykes, Curtis said, "Spike is a great guy and that's what he had in his program- character guys. That's the thing that I think is big. That's why the program has been bowl eligible for so long because Spike was able to build a program with great character guys."

Kevin also talked about his time in the NFL and Texas Tech.

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